The high definition E6 software provides realistic information about the golf courses. The Trutrac system calculates ball flight and club information providing you with the data critical to improve your performance. The Trubalance system monitors your swing and position.


    The VGolf simulator is controlled by a touch screen computer and high definition E6 software. All realistic information about the course, what hole you’re playing, distance from the green, wind velocity, green conditions, etc… are all projected onto the large screen. With our VGolf simulator, the golfer is able to play using their own golf clubs and balls.

    Each golfer tees off as if on an actual golf course, except your tee is set up on a swing pad. After swinging, your ball will then hit the large projected screen and your results are captured by the E6 computer software program via a sensor and will show the details of your swing such as distance, direction, loft, etc…

    This information will then be displayed as to where on the course your ball actually landed. Follow-up swings and putts are made on the artificial green using fairway woods, irons or putters. Using our VGolf simulators, a golfer can play many courses that they might never have the opportunity to physically play. This includes both public and private courses, as well as PGA golf courses in other countries.


    • Up to 8 players on one simulator
    • 36 Modes of Play Scoring Styles – Stroke Play, Scramble, Skins, etc.
    • Handicap Score Adjustment
    • Closest to Pin and Longest Drive Competitions
    • Customized Hole Play
    • Select which holes to play, in which order, and # of times to play
    • Choice of Pin Position
    • Power Boost Option
    • Elevation Adjustments
    • Green Conditions Options – adjust hardness and speed
    • Wind Conditions Options – both direction and velocity
    • Weather Conditions Options – from blue skies to rain
    • Time-of-Day Customization
    • Experience the beauty of the course in every light View Selections
    • Putting Arrow Options
    • Green Analyzer Options
    • Unique Aiming Features
    • Color Coded Ball Tracers
    • Top View & Main View
    • Camera Modes
    • Replays
    • Interface – Sleek, Intuitive, Modern Touch Screen Interface
    • Integrated Swing Analysis
    • Swing analysis, informing you at–a-glance of essential data related to your swing.
    • In-Round Practice – Chip, Putt, Drive
    • Practice Facilities & Driving Range – with proprietary Scoring Zone



    Using our VGolf simulators, a golfer can play many courses that they might never have the opportunity to physically play. This includes both public and private courses, as well as PGA golf courses in other countries.

    Independently tested by leading golf equipment manufacturers against other high-speed camera systems and launch monitors, our proprietary TruTrac system has been acredited as simply incredible, rivaling the accuracy of high-speed camera systems, AND providing you with the data critical to improving your performance. It’s a testament to our pioneering engineers who have been setting the bar in golf simulation software for over twenty years.

    TruTrac integrates two very different tracking technologies into one powerful system, giving you the information you need to dramatically improve your game. Ball flight characteristics are accurately calculated utilizing sonic triangulation positioning technologies in conjunction with optical analysis of the club path and clubface angle.

    Many tracking systems are very good at measuring and calculating ball flight, but lack the club head information needed to analyze and boost your performance. TruTrac accomplishes both. We not only know WHAT the ball did, but WHY the ball did it.


    With TruBalance V, we’ve add high-speed video capture that is synced with the insole data to allow evaluation of your CORE balance position at various points in the golf swing or during a putt. The app allows you to save and share your CORE balance data and videos of your swings between users via email.

    The TruBalance V app is available for Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) compatible iPad tablets. The app is required in order to access the data from the force sensing insoles (TruBalance insoles purchased separately). It provides a clean, user-friendly interface that gives you the tools you need to analyze CORE balance movement and assist you in improving your putting and full golf swing.

    TRU BALANCE Click here to download this free iPhone/iPad application in the iTune store...
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